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Winter 2020 Nor'Easter Newsletter
Published on: 2/2/2020
President's Report
Peter Crawford
Suddenly in Command
Coast Guard Notes
Ocean Racing: Pinnacle
Tartan Musings: Time Jackett
Weather: Frank Bohlen
Windlass Upgrade: Alan Benet
Tartan Tips: Dick Jerauld
Galley Notes: Jan Chapin
Winter / Spring 2019 Nor'easter
Published on: 3/7/2019
President's Letter
Coast Guard Notes
Suddenly in Command
Tartan Musings
the Voyages of Argon
Tartan Tech
Sail Trim
Overcoming Cooking Challenges
Galley Notes
Winter/Spring 2018 Nor'easter
Published on: 2/27/2018
All the great news you have come to expect:
President's Letter
Coast Guard Notes
Suddenly in Command
Tartan Musings
Tartan Tech
Boat Handling
When Groceries aren't Readily Available
Galley Notes
Plum Island
Cruising Weather
Winter 2017 Nor'easter Newsletter
Published on: 2/5/2017
The Winter 2017 edition of TONE's Nor'easter newsletter

President's Letter
Safety Corner - Know Your Crew, Keep Them Safe
Coast Guard Museum
Tartan Tech
Making of a Cruiser
Jib Sheet Control
Brightwork Finish Thoughts
Tartan Musings by Tim Jackett
TONE 2016 Year in Review
Galley Notes
Summer 2016 Nor'easter Newsletter
Published on: 6/29/2016
The Summer 2016 Edition of Nor'easter, TONE's newsletter
President's Letter
TONE History
Making Sailing More Fun
Cold Water Safety
Performance Headsail Design
Safety Topics
Using Radar
Chesapeake TC News
Galley Notes
Winter Spring 2016 Nor'easter Newsletter
Published on: 3/23/2016
Winter Spring 2016 Nor'easter

President's Letter
Safety Corner - Rules of the Road: Overtaking
Suddenly in Command - Engines
Tartan Tech
Portlight Repair
Brightwork Restoration
Tartan Musings - New Boat from Tim Jackett
Galley Notes
Winter / Spring 2016 Nor'easter Newsletter
Published on: 3/22/2016
Winter / Spring Edition of the TONE Nor'easter Newsletter

President's Letter
Suddenly in Command - Engines
Safety Corner - Rules of the Road: Overtaking
Off soundings - An Opportunity for TONE sailors
Tartan Tech:
Port Light Repair
Brightwork Restoration
Tim Jackett Tartan Musings - New Boat Design
Rick Lannoch Remembrance
On the Water - What - you want a racing boat???
Galley Notes
Fall 2015 Nor'easter Newsletter
Published on: 12/1/2015
President's Letter
Safety News
Owner Experiences
Tartan Tech: Working on Our Boats
Tartan Musings with Tim Jackett
Galley Notes
Spring 2015 Nor'easter
Published on: 4/7/2015
President's Message
Summer 2015 Mini-Gatherings
Suddenly in Command
Safety Corner
Tartan Tech
Compass Musings and 21st Century Navigation
Tim Jackett
Chesapeake LETS, and T-34 Classic news
Tartans at Play
Galley Notes
Winter 2015 Nor'Easter
Published on: 1/5/2015
President's Letter
Safety Corner
Tartan Tech
Factory News
Places We Sail
Galley Notes
Fall 2014 Newsletter
Published on: 10/16/2014
Fall 2014 Nor'Easter Newsletter
Summer 2014 Newsletter
Published on: 6/19/2014
In this issue:
President's Letter
Personalized Land's End Yachtwear
Places We Sail: 2014 NE Cruise
TONE Membership Survey Results
Safety Corner - FIRE!
Tartan Tech - Rudders and Insurance
Tartan Factory News
Favorite Nautical Apps
Galley Notes
Tartans at Play
Spring 2014
Published on: 3/21/2014
Spring 2014 Newsletter
Winter 2014
Winter 2014 Newsletter
Summer 2013 Wrap-up
New President
Rendezvous Memories
Flexible Solar Panel Independence
Galley Notes
CBTSC & T-34 News
Making Reefing Easier
Read the full newsletter here: Summer 2013
Spring 2013
The Spring 2013 Newsletter
Summer 2012
TONE Centerport Montage
Tartan 4700
Gardiner's Bay
Spinnaker/Whisker Pole Rig
Spring 2012
N.E. Cruise
New Tartan Announced
Home Waters
Sister Club News
Winter 2012
Annual TONE Dinner in Winthrop
Tartan News
Local Club News
New England Cruise
Fall 2011
TONE Winter Dinner and Annual Meeting Feb. 2012
Rendezvous 2011 Recap
Summer 2011
Oh, What a Night (Recap of the Larchmont YC Gathering)
Notes from the Galley Slave Cooking Class
Spring 2011
Lake Erie to the Caribbean on Kinsale - Doug Radabaugh
Prepare for Survival - Eric Freedman
Switching Sheets Under Load on a Winch
Winter 2011
Factory News - Tim Jackett
Technical Info - Anchor Alarm - Martin Waine
TONERS Sail With TOSCANS - Jeff Stoehr
New feature - We Have a New Boat - Richard Gard
CTBSC and TCA34 News - Grace Holt
Spring Commissioning - Larry Venezia
Autumn 2010
Centerport Regional Get-together - Alan J. Benet
Greenport Regional Get-together - Sam Swoyer
T37 Whisper, Single handed NZ to Seattle - Scott Malone
TONE Maine Cruise (recap of 2010 cruise) - Larry Venezia
Preparing the Boat for Winter Storage - Larry Venezia
Tartan, the Next 50 Years - letter from Tim Jackett
Message from Stephanie and Steve Malbasa
Summer 2010
Cruising Tips: Maine Down East - Part 3 - Skip King
T34CA Trans-Atlantic Crosing - Grace Holt
Tartan Yachts Celebrate 50th Anniversary in the Cheasapeake - Grace Holt
Keeping Our Waters Free of Plastic - Sam Swoyer
Technical Tips: Damage from Shore Power Connections - Martin Waine
Safety: Attention to Detail in Routine Tasks - Lee Andrews
Spring 2010
The Value of TONE Membership - Sam Swoyer
Centerport Regional Rendezvous Information - Alan J. Benet
East Long Island Gathering - Alan J. Benet
Profile of an Old Tartan Renovator: part one - Jeff Stoehr
Cruising Maine: Heading East - Skip King
Acquisition of Legacy and News from the Factory - Tim Jackett
Solo Sailing My Tartans on Lake Erie - Paul Nickerson
TONE Mid-winter Get-together Recap - Sam Swoyer
Winter 2009
Tartan News from the Factory - Tim Jackett
Places We Sail: Maine, Part 1: Casco Bay- Skip King
Maintenance Tips: Winterizing VenChar - Larry Venezia
Special Projects: New Found Metal Ports on Satisfaction - Leo Corsetti
Technical Tips: Galvanic Corrosion - Martin Waine
Autumn 2009
Rendezvous 2009 Photos
Rendezvous Comments: Summation of Round Table with Tim Jackett - Larry Venezia
Cruising Tips: Galley Slave - Skip King
Places We Sail: Nantucket - Larry Venezia
Technical Tips: Reefing the Main - Martin Waine
Summer 2009
Welcome to Tartan Sailors - Halsey Herreshoff
Invitation to Newport En Route to Rendezvous Suggestions - Row O'Brien
Cruising Tips: Sailing with Willow - Larry Venezia
Maintenance Tips: Gotcha Covered - Skip King
Places We Sail: Milford CT - Sam Swoyer
Technical Tips: Notes on Attaching the Gasket for Saildrive - Martin Waine
Spring 2009
Recap of New England Boat Show and Dinner at Winthrop Yacht Club - Leo Corsetti
Cruising Tips: Provisioning - Skip King
A Tartan Sailor's Hobby - Tom Wells
Winter 2008
Maine Cruise 2008 Story - Leo Corsetti
Newport Boat Show 2008 Recap - Leo Corsetti
Herreshoff Marine Museum News - Diane Sterrett
Lightning Strike - Bob Morrison
Tech Tips: Battery Charging Considerations - Martin Waine
Cruising Tips: First Aid Kits Afloat - Skip King
Tartan Yachts Discount Program annoucement
Autumn 2008
Recap Maine Cruise 2008 - Peter Crawford and Alan Benet
Herreshoff Classic Yacht Regatta '08 - Peter Sterrett
Tech Tips: TONE Member Invents New Winch Handle - Don Steiner
Summer 2008
Tech Tips: Power Considerations - Martin Waine
Collage of 2007 Rendezvous at Red Brook
Spring 2008
Tech Tips: Anchoring Tackle Considerations - Martin Waine
Maine Cruise 2006 Recap - Peter Crawford
Red Brook Rendezvous 2007 Recap - Leo Corsetti
Winthrop Dinner 2008 Recap - Gary Van Voorhis

 TONE's Mission: To provide forums for all Tartan owners to exchange information, enjoy boating and social events together,
 and create a sense of fellowship in order to enhance our ownership experiences.

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