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Propane Storage Tank
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Personally not a huge fan of mounting propane tanks above deck largely for aesthetic reasons but if I were to do it (have not totally ruled out the option) I would use a cloth cover.  The attached photos may give you some idea of what I am talking about.

Above deck mounting is a simple installation with none of the venting issues associated with retrofitting a propane locker.  If the initial installation is done above decks, a propane locker can always be added at a later date.

wasn't looking to load up my boat with after market items but west marina has a better one if you wanted to do that.

I was considering a propane range for my 1980 Tartan 33 to replace the old Hillerange.  I also was concerned about tank location and found this rail-mounted tank holder.

Ultimately, I found an old but hardly used Hillerange with tank for less than $400 inclusive of shipping, so I'm sticking with alcohol.
Lu Nicaj, I agree that storing a 1 lb propane tank somewhere where it might vent to the bilge is far safer than storing a 5 or 20 lb tank is the same location.  The 1lb tanks don't have a valve so are probably less likely to leak, but if they do the gas will still end up in the bilge and stay there.  If it cooks off the explosion won't kill you (unless you have a heart condition) and it won't sink the boat but it will get your attention.
How about just playing it safe and use the $20 small propane tanks when needed. You can store those tanks anywhere. How often do you cook anyway..?

The propane tank on my T37 is inside a plastic well with all the plumbing, solinoid, etc. built in. Leaks from the tank before the solinoid drain out a hole through the side of the boat. This assembly is sunk under the starboard deck with a hinged cover on the deck. The downside is the assembly takes up half of two clothes drawers in the forward stateroom. If it were me, I would have installed it in the stern locker under the helmsman's seat.

John Harvey
New Day T37 #16
Newport RI had to see

The thing about propane is that it is heavier than air so it will accumulate in a low point.  The West Marine tanks are designed to be installed in a cockpit locker and vent into the cockpit.  From the cockpit the gas will vent through the cockpit scuppers.  If you install a propane tank and the low point is the bilge there is some risk that you will blow up the boat if you have a leak.  I believe propane systems have a solenoid which will shut down the system if a leak is detected but I don’t think these help in the case of a leak before the solenoid.


You could probably build a locker which would do the same thing the West insert would do but your insurance company may not like this concept.  If done right, it would work but they don’t know that you would do it right.


I have a Tartan 34 C and am looking at upgrading the galley at some point in the future.  I don’t really have a good place to mount the tanks so I am contemplating using a diesel stove.  They are expensive and as I understand it, they may be sensitive to the voltage in the battery banks but it would eliminate the need for a propane tank.

I am getting ready to install a new propane stove and I'm wondering those of you who use propane where do you store the tank.  I know that the only safe place for propane tanks are on deck so unless you buy this locker that west marina is selling for $600 there really isn’t anywhere else. I was thinking using the stove with those Mini tanks?
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