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Ray McFetridge

Refinishing toe rails on Tartan 4300 1 3

brian burgess

anchor bow roller 1 22

brian burgess

water heater 7 58

David Amatangelo

Refrigerator 2 55

Mark Fowden

Fuel vent on 4400 6 46


Replacing steering chain on 1989 Tartan 372 5 59

Peter Tarbox

Tartan 41 portlites 1 33

Jacques Dessailly

Tartan 40 - davit, dinghy, solar panels 11 308

brian burgess

T33R mainsheet 2 36

Jeffrey Corwin

T4100 door into the head won't close 4 71


T33 Rudder Bearings 1 46


T33 #168- In search of a propeller 3 42

Jacques Dessailly

1987 Tartan 40 - keel cracks 4 118

Dave Will

Tartan Windows 1 122

Dave Werner

Standard Propeller Shaft & Folding Prop 1 71

Richard Parker

Cruising Spinnaker advise 3 112

John Marsh

1986 Tartan 40 FRIG BOX LIDS available ... 2 178

Keith Putnam

Changing Engines 4 1085

Jay Thomson

GPS and depth sounder for Tartan 34c 3 324

Patricia Ryan

need new bale for my boom 2 416

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