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Edward Woolsey

Tartan 40 / 412 bow spirit 1 7

David Lowe

Standing rigging 3 28

Lu Nicaj

T33 Mainsail Luff 1 16

Edward Woolsey

Tartan 40 / 412 holding tank 3 35

Edward Woolsey

Tartan 412 1 33

carl wolff

Zinc for tartan 27-2 3 48

Patricia Ryan

Tartan30 for sale in Maine 1 77

Stephen Younger

Tartan 3700 Jib For Sale 1 34

Steve Kinner

T3000 traveler 3 78

laura sailor

T34c Dodger/ BImini design ideas 4 63


T40 interior finish 13 177

Ray McFetridge

Does anyone know how to fix a seized jib sheet block? 1 24

thomas henninger

My First Tartan 1 151

Peter Lawrence

New to the Group - Tartan 31 2 212

Paul Chizek

T40 Centerboard 2 116

Robert Springett

Tartan 3800 for Sale 1 136

Dave Will

Davits for dinghy on a Tartan 4400 6 187

Benoit Rolland

Material hull Tartan 34-2 4 121

brian burgess

T33 sail cover 2 83

Terry Smith


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