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TONE 2014 New England Cruise:

Hatches Battened and Sailcovers On


The 2014 TONE New England Cruise was held between July 30, and August 13, 2014.  The cruise provided a sailing framework for participants to journey from southern New England to the head of Penobscot Bay, Maine, with an optional float plan and a set of three formal dinner events.
On August 3, the New England Cruise had its first formal participant event at the Landing at 7 Central in beautiful Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.  Thirty TONE members and their guests dined on a choice of Prime Rib, Salmon, or Chicken Picatta accompanied by wonderful side dishes.  Judging by the cleaned plates and big smiles, the restaurant did a great job with the food.

For many of the TONE members who came to Manchester it was the first opportunity to see each other since the Winter Dinner at Mystic in March.  Much hand shaking, hugging, and clinking of drinks was in evidence as Tartan devotees came up the steps to the lovely room set aside for the event and swelled into a pretty good sized crowd.

Old friends caught up on boat and general life topics, while newer members were introduced all around.  The various skippers and crew began what would be the regular activity of the cruise:  Where are you headed and when?  Where would you like to get together next?  What are your plans?  The nature of the TONE cruise allows for very independent decisions about the when and where of the destinations so people from the various boats coordinated their plans to make sure they wouldn't miss each other along the way.

Alan Speaks Pictured at right, TONE President Alan Benet welcomes everyone to the kickoff event and describes the upcoming cruise itinerary.  Alan had ordered beautiful Land's End boat bags with the TONE logo so each skipper registered for the cruise was given a bag to stow their gear.
At left we see TONE past-president Leo Corsetti and his wife Dottie looking over some frosty Gin and Tonics.  The big smiles were the hallmark of everybody at the event.  It was a gorgeous evening to have a dinner; the sun had been shining all day and it was cool and clear in Manchester.  You could hardly ask for a better start to the upcoming cruise.
Over the upcoming weeks we'll establish a TONE 2014 New England Cruise event page where all the event reports will be available.  Here on the home page we'll provide coverage of what the cruise looked like from one event to another, as well as some photos and commentary about places where the members sailed and made memories along the way.  Stay tuned!

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The Mystic Seaport 2014 Winter Dinner:
Outside at the Seaport and Inside at the Dinner

TONE Winter Dinner - Mystic Seaport

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